Recommended New York Chinese Wedding Planner : Shirley Chau


I want to introduce one of the best New York wedding planner Shirley Chau to all the newlywed couples. We met in 2012, introduced by a good friend ours. At that time my knowledge about the wedding industry was very minimal, knowing Shirley as a wedding planner was actually a brand new idea to me. In beginning I only thought that the MC was the only person to handle everything in a wedding party, and to find out it was actually a hassle process to prepare for a wedding. Therefore, I was captivated by Shirely’s eagerness and creativity that made me have more interested in this industry.

Getting married

In the year of 2013, my husband and I was planning to put up a wedding party for our marriage, the first hassle came up which was the discrepancy from my husband parent side favoring in  eastern style than my western style wedding. I was overwhelmed with researching venues and other necessities in needs for our wedding knowing this is not an easy job. I figured I will have meltdown at anytime and couldn’t take it anymore, so my husband and I have decided to contact Shirley.

After meeting Shirley for the first time, and knowing the fact that hiring a wedding planner will lower our budget to spend on our wedding party. We have reconsidered good amount of time to ensure hiring Shirley is money worthy.

When I got to know Shirley more, I started to know what a  wedding planners responsibility was  and how they can help us. I felt so relieve and stress-free after handing off everything to her, so I can enjoy my life and be a carefree beautiful bride to be. Shirely is one talkative lady who has a down to earth personality. She love to smile and always make me laugh every time I contact or see her. Although with this sweet character shirley still managed to show her professionalism and detail-oriented focus on our wedding project. It was really a pleasure to work with Shirely.


Venue choice

My husband and I actually in favor of sea view venue and I still remembered shirley had gone through a lot of research to come up with 3 choices within our budget. Right when we arrived to the first choice of hers, we already fell in love with everything the venue contains so here’s our big day location. Since Shirley had work with this venue before so we were able to get discount offer. After all, Shirely had follow through all the contract and payment procedure for us. It was amazing knowing how much Shirely can do for us and cannot agree more she had done an outstanding job.


Endless tasks

After the venue was set, I knew that there was still millions of tasks I needed to get done for the wedding day such as hiring photographer/video, professional wedding make up artist, florist specialist, MC/DJ and wedding decoration company; designing invitation and searching for my wedding gown and much more.

Due to the fact I was design graduated, I had myself handling the decoration design as well as invitation design. Nonetheless, it was an overwhelming task to executed and implemented. So I had considered to request my friend to help out with on-site execution but Shirley had rejected my ideas because she told us about the consequence which may cause for my friends/guests of having an enjoyable moment. Of course, I took her genius advise. I seriously felt I cannot live without Shirely for those months on wedding preparation.


The big day (wedding)

Shirley had organized every necessities for us such as florist specialist, photographer/video, professional artist and the perfect wedding gown and etc. Having a wedding planner definitely help us out a lot. Our process of 7 plus months included initiative meeting, follow up process and final approval went so smooth with Shirley exceptional service. She even went above and beyond to ensured all guests and I have the most memorable and perfect wedding party in our life time. I can say I was one happy and beautiful bride.



If you are still hesitating of hiring a wedding planner, I can guarantee you – Shirley Chau is one of the best one you can rely on! You can’t go wrong !

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She speaks trilingual language: English, Cantonese and Mandarin.